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A ragtag collection of musicians making music that could roughly be described as  "What?, Wait did that just happen?"


With a sound that is reminiscent of very little, wrapped in a thin covering of folk, we're here to confuse and bewilder. 


The Grey Lady (original, written by Cardinal Green)
The ghost of Hatfield Forest.

Chernobyl (original, written by Cardinal Green)
The return of wildlife to the site of nuclear fallout. 

Voyager (original, written by Cardinal Green)
Voyager spacecrafts have reached "Interstellar space" exploring the Universe.

Wellerman (traditional)
Our own arrangement of this maritime song, with input from Pachelbel.

Who We Are
Chris Bullen

Chris is a very experienced music producer, composer and musician. He has been playing lead guitar and bass guitar in various rock, pop and folk bands since the age of 14.


In recent years, he has been a member of The Marina Florance Band, Two Coats Colder, Strike School, Doghouse and Alternate Life. 


Long ago, he and Ian were members of The Flying Figs.  



Ian Pease

Ian has played melodeon since (just before) the dawn of time, with numerous morris sides and ceilidh bands and at an untold number of pub sessions, and is also well-known as a solo artist, playing his infectious foot-tapping melodies.


He ran the Bluebell Inn folk sessions for many years and was Festival Director for the National Trust’s annual WoodFest. Whilst other members of the band may tinker around the concept of the beard, Ian is the real deal.


Moose has no idea how he sings like he does - certainly, his time as a boy soprano in a church choir gave no hint of what was to come. He encountered folk music when he joined Chingford Morris in the 1970s, along with whom he often found himself in the company of the great and the good of the folk world; he later added a love of heavy rock to the mix. Some 20 or so years ago  he started singing bass harmony with Capstan Full Strength, an exceptional shanty band, and was later invited to join Sound Tradition (, an acapella foursome with whom he still regularly sings. 

Helen Mulley

Helen started formal flute lessons at the age of 11 - but quickly realised that improvising in pub sessions was a lot more fun than practising scales, and has pretty much been doing that ever since. An award-winning singer and songwriter, and former member of the much-missed East Anglicana band Songs from the Blue House  (as is Tony), she can also be seen and heard fronting Helen and the Neighbourhood Dogs (also alongside Tony).

Tony Winn

Tony started to write songs and learn guitar at the age of 14 being inspired by Bob Dylan and the folk revival with later influences such as Pentangle and Tom Waits. He started playing the folk circuit in his late 20s touring in duo "The Popular Wobblies" with appearances on Channel 4 breakfast show and, oddly, at New Scotland Yard. After moving through various other groups he started performing as a solo artist and then fell in with "Songs from the Blue House" where he met Helen continuing the relationship in "Helen & the Neighbourhood Dogs". 

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Contact Us

Phone : 07855 045 501

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