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"River" is a song that Joni Mitchell recorded with piano and released in 1971. 


This version is very different to that and also quite different to most of the tracks I produce.  It makes a lot of use of synthesised sounds and processing.

A couple of years ago Two Coats Colder were asked to perform some Christmas songs at a folk club and we did this with guitar, bass and mandolin accompaniment.  When Anna and I decided try recording it, we were not sure of the key or tempo and so I set up a synthesised track for her to try until we found what worked.   This is what evolved.

Chris Bullen

River (by Joni Mitchell) - Anna Bass
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Performed by........

Main Vocal:        Anna Bass

Backing vocal :  Kate Bullen

Instruments :    Chris Bullen

Produced in December 2017

RIVER by Joni Mitchell

Anna Bass

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